e-book : How to create a data-driven e-commerce strategy

An important and continuing issue is the slow speed with which businesses make the shift to a data-driven culture – this is particularly true for the e-commerce sector. A data-driven approach to business and marketing will succeed in helping you to drive traffic to a product page and convert browsers into loyal buyers. 

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In this free e-commerce business analytics e-book we show you how to use data, including market share, share of voice, ad spend, ad return, price, promotions, and conversion data in order to reveal opportunities and threats. You will also learn:


  • How to take a full-funnel approach to your e-commerce analytics
  • How to find gaps in your business by identifying what you know, what you don’t know
  • How to interrogate the data in your e-commerce business strategy
  • How to connect the dots between your data to find your business story line