Your complete amazon performance dashboard

Connect all your vital e-commerce data points for a holistic view of your Amazon portfolio. Our technology will alert you to mission-critical changes in price, stock and competitor activity, and reveal untapped growth opportunities.

  • Sales & Advertising Analytics
  • Traffic & Conversion
  • SEO Trends
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Profitability Metrics
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Price Tracking
  • Waterfall Attribution
  • Content Analytics
  • Inventory Analytics
  • Buy Box Tracking
  • MAP Monitoring


Marketing health check to optimise efficiency

  • Delve into insights for your entire marketing funnel
  • Discover the content health score of your product pages
  • Monitor & manage your Amazon ratings and reviews
  • Evaluate your organic share of voice to improve SEO
  • Measure traffic source and volume

Amazon marketplace trends to improve sales

  • Monitor the trends that can influence your sales
  • Machine learning sales predictions
  • Compare weekly retail prices, promotions and discounts
  • Understand consumer, competitor and marketing metrics that are driving sales
  • Receive alerts on price changes, lost buy box and inventory issues


Shopper preferences & buying behaviours

  • Determine your customer implicit and explicit preferences
  • See how customers navigate and browse Amazon
  • View traffic patterns and demand predictions for your products
  • Discover related keyword and branded searches
  • Increase conversion with advertising and content insights

Inventory data for accurate forecasting & stock-levels

  • Compare inventory levels against predications
  • Monitor retail fees and customer chargebacks
  • View weekly SKU level metrics
  • Active compliance tracking and alerts

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