eCommerce Competitive Intelligence Tool

Our powerful eCommerce competitive intelligence tools gather and analyze all channel and customer intelligence, including price trends, sales, consumer behavior, keywords, content, traffic, and more. We serve eCommerce brands in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Philippines, Japan, and Australia.

  • Market Share
  • Category Growth
  • Price Trends
  • Brand Awareness
  • Traffic Sources
  • Search Volumes
  • Keyword Trends
  • Competitive Advertising

eCommerce competitor insights about traffic- organic and paid


Complete consumer insights, from search to purchase

  • Track the traffic source for your entire category
  • Access keyword trends and search volumes
  • Discover the influence of external advertising
  • Monitor the competitive landscape of your categories
  • Learn how shoppers are searching for your product and brand

Advertising strategies your competitors are using

  • Monitor competitive advertising spend and targeting
  • Learn competitor campaign strategies
  • Uncover the volume of sales competitors derive from ads
  • Benchmark your advertising spend and ROI against competitors
  • Map trends and success factors

eCommerce Competitive Intelligence Tool


The influence & success of competitor marketing tactics

  • Use SEO insights to drive organic traffic
  • View the ROI of competitor marketing campaigns
  • Measure the impact of content upgrades
  • Track and measure the influence of competitor ratings and reviews
  • Benchmark consumer conversion rate

Sales data for millions of products worldwide

  • Capture sales metrics for all your category competitors
  • Flexible segmentation at SKU, brand and category level
  • View data on leading brands and millions of products
  • Easily assess your sales and market share

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