Competitive Intelligence Tool

Want complete competitive intelligence? Track markets, customers, competitors and more. Features include:

Marketing & promotions
Access trends in targeting, advertising spend and sales for your entire competitive landscape.

Buyer behaviour
Monitor the activities of your customers before they make online purchases.


Smart Digital Shelf

A single dashboard to easily track product and consumer level metrics for your e-commerce channel. Receive mission-critical alerts for stock levels, price changes and more. Features include:

Marketplace overview
Track and monitor your entire portfolio in the marketplace for nimble optimisation.

SEO & advertising
Set benchmarks against competitors and measure traffic by source, efficiency and volume.


Smart Advertising Automation Tool

Our technology gives you unbeatable advertising data and projections to ensure your e-commerce business grows fast. Features include:

Data-Backed Decisions
Our Ad Automation Tool engine scans billions of shopper and competitive market data-points to identify new customers, audiences and keywords.

Success Projections
Our machine learning predictive system precisely predicts campaign spend, sales and ROI before investing your marketing budget.

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