Amazon Bestseller Badge: The Basics

A glimpse of what is it and why is it so important for sellers? By Lina Kassem, Featured in Campaign Middle East.

Amazon is the biggest online marketplace globally. With over a million products listed and 4000 items sold per minute, it has grown to become the number 1 choice of consumers online, making it the most popular as well as the populous marketplace. 

With growing product listing, the competition among the sellers is also growing at a high rate. At any point in time, you will get at least 10 similar search items at competitive rates.  

So how do sellers stand out? Yes, reviews are one way but it takes a lot for any consumer to sniff through hundreds or even thousands of reviews for every product. 

Amazon #1 Best Seller Badge was introduced by Amazon to award its top sellers and hence make it easier for consumers to understand the higher-ranked products. 

Check out the below infographic to understand the basics of the badge:

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