What is Amazon A+ Content and can sellers utilise the feature to get more conversions? By Mahima Bhatnagar, Featured in Campaign Middle East.

With online shopping growing by the day, shoppers want to have as close to a Brick-and-Mortar shopping experience as possible. To improve the online shopping experience, Amazon has introduced various features in its Vendor Central and Seller Central that helps shoppers understand the intricacy of products. One of these features is A+ content. 

What is Amazon A+ Content? 

Amazon A+ content, formerly known as Enhanced Branded Content, is a premium content feature that helps brands to enhance their product display page with more information in the form of high-quality content, images, and videos.  

Brands can easily include unique selling propositions, cross-sell within their catalog, and include more images to captivate the shopper and differentiate themselves from the competition. This feature transforms a normal product listing into a sales converting powerhouse. 

Amazon A+ content is only available to brands registered in the Amazon brand registry. It is found at the lower part of the PDP (Product Detail Page) before consumer ratings and reviews.  

A+ content is made up of several modules that showcase images with short descriptive texts, creating a coherent and storytelling picture complementing the other content on the page. A few elements include: 

  • High-quality images of the product  
  • Informative content 
  • A clear list of bullet points 
  • Concise paragraphs 
  • A section called ‘What’s in the box?’ lists all product components 
  • Optional: 360degree product views, comparison charts, videos 

Each module can be customized in a different way as per the below examples: 

Here’s an example of how the A+ content looks like.

Wakefit Mattress:

Wakefit emphasizes their features and presents them very clearly in their A+ offering, using:

  • Header image
  • Image and text panel to showcase the features
  • Comparison modules to cover four product varieties
A+ content Example
A+ content Example
A+ content Example

What added value does the A+ content bring to the brand? 

  1. More views and visitors: If you put eye-catching images of your products, it is surely going to get you more engagement

  2. Increased conversion rateAs per Amazon itself, product listings with A+ content tend to have 10% more sales. Captivating images and good content helps brands in increasing their ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and also in reducing ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale).

  3. Higher salesSince a user can get a comprehensive view of your product through A+ content, the chances of sales become much higher with any easy-to-digest content of your product

  4. Better reviews: A+ content helps buyers make a purchase decision and due to the broad nature of the content provided, customers tend to know the product features better which in turn gains better reviews from satisfied buyer

  5. Fewer returnsSince buyers have a good understanding of the product before they purchase, return rates are lesser for products with A+ content 

What are some A+ content ideas that will enhance the product’s PDP? 

  1. Showcase your brand’s story or unique selling propositiontelling approach 

A brand can target a specific group with text and images and can give more information on the brand itself and not just the product.  

Let’s assume a brand is committed to being sustainable or is an organic one; in the A+ content, the brand can highlight these brand values by creating a storytelling flow on the subject using coherent images. 

Amazon A+: Showcase brand's story

2. Encourage cross-selling 

As part of the amazon shopping experience, when consumers land on the product detail page, Amazon will showcase similar products to the one currently being viewedand competitors can sometimes influence the shopper’s decision via the sponsored display. However, with A+ content, brands can propose similar products within their portfolio thus keeping the consumer longer on their pages, not looking at competition brands, and maybe increasing their basket size.  

For example, if a person is buying a toothbrush, they might also buy a toothpaste to complement, if it captured their attention in the A+. 

3. Broaden a shopper’s understanding of the product’s physical attributes  

Since the consumer can’t see and feel the product, A+ content would include descriptive and relevant details about the product, including the physical attributes that can help the shopper make well-informed decisions and avoid returns. For example, if the product is a 250ml shampoo bottle, a picture of the product held in the hands of a person and with the dimensions mentioned will allow the shopper to have a better idea of the shampoo’s actual size. 

Amazon A+: product's physical attributes


Even though A+ content is not indexed on both Amazon and Google, it is still recommended to work on the same to elevate conversion. A+ premium, on the other hand, is indexed on Google hence the importance to include more relevant keywords in it will increase the chances for the product to appear in Google searches and therefore be redirected to Amazon.  

Winning on Amazon is dependent on traffic and conversion that leads to sales. What drives traffic is consumer searches and a product’s share of voice. One of the metrics that drive conversion is content. It is therefore important for a brand to elevate its content on Amazon to make the shopper like what they see and have all the information needed for them to convert into purchasing. Consumers today want to buy the best possible product they can find. The more information a brand gives about their product, the more confident will the shopper be of their purchase. The more confident the shopper is, the more engaged they will be, the higher the conversion, the more the sales! 

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