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PiWheel is a retail intelligence, software and consultancy company based in Dubai and founded by a group of Amazon veterans. We help brands in the UAE, Saudi, India and Australia grow their digital retail business with data tech tools and services. Our technology activates data, automates execution, and optimises e-commerce marketing performance for some of the world’s largest companies. Our consultancy grants brands access to the highest level of e-commerce expertise to scale and convert more shoppers with improved content, advertising, and operations.


Intelligent technology developed by E-Commerce experts

E-commerce and retail veterans found the e-commerce technology we use. It has the power to automate, optimize and forecast your entire e-commerce business by using billions of product, consumer, competitor and market data points.



Insider know-how and experience is critical for a successful digital retail business. The PiWheel team are not only e-commerce experts, but digital gurus. We can help you scale your business and convert more shoppers with tailor-made marketing, advertising, operations and strategic support.

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