Four things Amazon sellers should evaluate during this Health Pandemic

The limelight is firmly on e-commerce stage, as many countries across the world temporarily go on lock-down. The dramatic changes in the e-commerce landscape is not just because of how people are shopping but what they are buying.

For businesses selling on Amazon, we have complied a list of Amazon seller recommendations that will help you continue to run smoothly during this time.


Maintaining good inventory levels is always important, but now with higher demand we strongly recommend sellers keep a watchful eye on their stock. Ensure all your advertised products are ready to ship and you have ample inventory available. Amazon announced they will be prioritising household staples, so it is critical you review current ships dates for all your products.


Review you messaging and tweak where appropriate, relevant and value adding. For example, people are washing their hands more, so there’s opportunity to promote hand lotion as helpful to ease dry hands. Additionally, we also recommend correcting any old content that could be misleading or misinterpreted during this sensitive time, as it can lead to negative comments, poor consumer perception and bad press.


For some sellers, now is the time to be hyper-focused in your advertising and keyword strategy. Use exact keywords instead of broad targeting terms. For instance, if your beauty brand is selling moisturising anti-aging face masks, use the term “anti-aging face mask” instead of “face mask”.


It is tempting to inflate your e-commerce advertising budget to chase the surge in consumer demand. But with Amazon, consistency is key. It is more important to remain steady and active throughout, rather than be aggressive at one point in time.

While household and hygiene staples are flying off the shelves, businesses selling other products on Amazon should also take time to review these recommendations and optimise their product pages. Our data is showing isolation is driving up sales in toys, electronics, fitness equipment, beauty products and more.

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