A digital twist – UAE e-Commerce Consumption During Ramadan

A review of the top growing and declining e-commerce categories in the UAE By Lina Kassem, Featured in Campaign Middle East. As the largest celebration in the UAE, Ramadan prompts a shift in the way thousands of Muslims purchase. This shift has been impacted by the rise of the global pandemic which caused major changes...
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Amazon A10 algorithm: How to increase your visibility and ranking on Amazon

One of the most important things you can do while selling on Amazon is to stay ahead of the search ranking algorithm. Following the released updates on the A9 algorithm, now named A10 algorithm, comes a new set of ranking factors where Amazon is giving more focus on the consumer behavior making the search results...
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Amazon Sponsored Display Ads: The Ultimate Guide

Amazon offers a variety of advertising solutions to grow businesses and brands of all sizes by helping them to reach customers at every stage of their journey and achieving their advertising goals. To empower vendors and Brand registered sellers, Amazon built a solution called Amazon Sponsored Display: a (relatively) new Amazon paid advertising program that...
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Pi Day : A Pi Celebration

Today at PiWheel, we celebrate a very important day, the only day to honor a number and our company’s name: Pi Day! Pi, often represented by the Greek letter π, is one of the most well-known mathematical constants, the number that results from dividing any circle’s circumference by its diameter. It is not a coincidence...
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