Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name PiWheel mean?

PiWheel is made up of two words – Pi and Wheel.
Pi stands for two things:
1. The internationally known mathematical ratio, because our products and services are driven by data.
2. It is also an initialism meaning Precise Insights.
The Wheel has been taken from the “Amazon Flywheel” diagram, first sketched by Jeff Bezos in 2001. It puts the customers at the heart of the business, which is exactly where we put you.

What regions do you support?

We help businesses based in The UAE, Saudi, India, SEA, and Australia

How can I request a free demo?

Connect with us via this link:

Which industries do you cover?

We cover all product categories on Amazon, Flipkart, and Shopee

What are your data products?

We have two different solutions, Competitive Intelligence Tool & Smart Digital Shelf.
Select the product that suits your business needs, or get in touch for a free demo. Our inhouse experts can help guide you on the best choice. Learn more about our products

What is Competitive Intelligence Tool?

Competitive Intelligence Tool is our product that gives you unbeatable access to the global competitive landscape on Amazon. With Atlas you can access numerous of datapoints at SKU, brand and category level.
Atlas includes:
• Market share
• Category growth
• Price trends
• Traffic source
• Key trends
• Search volumes
• Brand awareness
• Competitive advertising
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What is Smart Digital Shelf?

Smart Digital Shelf is the ultimate Amazon performance control center. Monitor performance critical activities for your portfolio including competitor price changes, stock demand and supply levels and growth opportunities.
Beacon includes:
• Sales Analytics
• Traffic & Conversion
• Advertising Analytics
• SEO Trends
• Price Tracking
• Waterfall Attribution
• Content Analytics
• Ratings & Reviews
• Inventory Analytics
• Profitability Metrics
• Buy Box Tracking
• Compliance Monitoring
• MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Monitoring

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What services do you provide?

If you are interested in maximise your PiWheel products, expand your business or get the most our of your campaigns, our PiWheel team can help.
We supply numerous services including – strategy, content, catalogue, operations, marketing, analytics, advertising and media.
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Why choose our services?

The PiWheel team is supported by Amazon insiders, world-class technology and the only dedicated e-commerce agency in the Middle East. Our team comprises of Amazon and e-commerce veterans, who know exactly what it takes to become a leading supplier on Amazon and please your customers.

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