PiWheel on Category overview: Baby Care – Diapers

For a while, the online marketplace has been where the majority of parents purchase their children’s diapers, as they can buy in bulk and snatch up deals. This could be why quarantining has not significantly impacted the e-commerce sales numbers. In April, compared to March, the diaper category was up only 0.25% – reaching over 2 million Dirhams in sales. Procter & Gamble’s Pampers brand is the clear leader, consistently claiming over 60% of the market. However, when we drill down to the product level, Fine Baby has the best selling individual diaper product (Size 5, Maxi 11–18 kg). The reason could be because the average retail price for Fine diapers is well below the category average – 92 Dirhams compared to Fines 63 Dirhams. Online shoppers are more price and promotion aware and don’t fall into the same habitual shopping patterns that they do in physical stores.

Download the infographic to discover market share by brand.