7 tips for Amazon Sellers for a Successful White Friday

You have sorted your promotions, you have prepared your pricing strategy for the amazon event, everything is set and ready but how do you ensure that your products will rank higher on Amazon search pages? Here are 7 tips that can help your amazon ranking during this key period.  

  1. Optimize your product listings  
    The title and the primary image are the first things a consumer sees on the amazon search page. Make sure you are using the right primary image and that it is in line with your title. If you are selling a bundle of three, your primary image should showcase three products and the title should reflect the same. This will ensure higher traffic to your product detail pages.

    Make sure your written content includes strong and relevant keywords that reflect consumers’ search behavior. Amazon allows you a certain number of characters in your title and bullet points. Use those smartly to include high-traffic keywords that will push your products to appear higher in the ranking.  

    Try to use high-quality images as these have a higher conversion rate. Don’t rely only on product shots of your images. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and try to respond through your images to all questions they might have in mind that will push them to purchase the product. In your marketing campaigns, always use lifestyle images. Don’t be shy about using those as part of your images especially the ones showcasing the product in use as they increase product relatability.  

  2. Think Mobile
    While you are creating your content, keep in mind that consumers will be logged into the app and check your products on their phones. Make sure your images are not cluttered with text and ensure that all visual content is optimized for mobile. Consumers should be able to understand the key features of the product while using their mobile. This will ensure that they are aware of what they are buying and they don’t leave a negative review if the product purchased is not similar to what they have seen on their product detail page.  

  3. A+ Content
    Enhanced content or A+ Content provides a great customer experience on your product detail page. Product pages that include A+ content tend to have more positive reviews as consumers are receiving all the information about the product before they purchase it and hence it decreases the return rate of your products.  

  4. Prepare your brand store
    Traffic on your brand store will increase during Black Friday whether from your paid media campaigns or from your product detail page. It is important to have a brand store that is optimized for a good shopping experience and includes a menu for consumers to navigate smoothly between your different products. Don’t forget to add bundles and deals pages as everyone would want to shop the best deals during these events.  
  5. Plan your paid campaigns
    All brands will be competing for higher search rank and to win on the bids on keywords. Make sure to increase your budget significantly to win on paid search. Traffic will increase exponentially, and brands will be bidding higher for top keywords. Your budget should take this into consideration. If your budget is limited and you haven’t received approval for a budget increase, focus on a limited set of keywords and choose products that are a part of the amazon deals for a better conversion rate.  
  6. You are also a consumer
    Don’t get too consumed in your campaigns and forget to shop during this amazing event. You are a consumer as well, and you should benefit from all the great deals on the platform. This will also allow you to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and get learnings from different brands on the platform while keeping an eye on your competitors. 
  7. Get in touch with PiWheel
    Our team of content and media experts will ensure you have a smooth landing during those events. We will plan ahead and update your listings with the top-performing keywords within your category and will work closely to launch your media campaigns on amazon which will increase traffic to your products detail pages and also increase your return on ad spending.