A digital twist – UAE e-Commerce Consumption During Ramadan

A review of the top growing and declining e-commerce categories in the UAE
By Lina Kassem, Featured in Campaign Middle East.

As the largest celebration in the UAE, Ramadan prompts a shift in the way thousands of Muslims purchase. This shift has been impacted by the rise of the global pandemic which caused major changes in consumer behavior and intent, impacting how consumers shop during this period.

What did this impact have on consumer consumption? We have analyzed the top rising and declining e-commerce categories by sales, to understand the impact on consumer consumption in the UAE e-commerce landscape.

Key findings:

  • The top 5 growth categories are Condiments & Salads Dressing, Refrigerators & Freezers, Cell Phones, Baby Accessories, and Batteries.
  • The top 5 declining categories in the UAE are Office Electronics, Woman’s Hair Removal, Cookware, Game Consoles, and Printers & Scanners.
  • Condiments & Salads is the best performing online category, with 63% growth. The increase in sales of food items related to home cooking is common during this period as sharing meals with family is particularly important.
  • Online sales for office equipment increased significantly last year. This year, sales are naturally steadying resulting in a decrease in sales in categories like office electronics (-31%), and printers & scanners (-22%).
  • Family gift exchanges for Eid were still part of this year’s celebrations – seen in the online sales growth for consumer electronics (e.g. cell phones 19%) women’s shoes (+6%) and wearable technology (+5%).

A full review of findings can be found here