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Amazon constantly rolls out new ways to help sellers scale their business: Brand Store is one of the most recent ones.  

 Amazon Brand Store is a digital store that can be created by Amazon Sellers, using several templates provided by Amazon, fully customizable to reflect your brand guidelines, colors, images, and copy.  

Earlier, the Amazon Brand store was only reserved for wholesale vendors but now it has started adding more features for 3rd party sellers as well who can showcase their brand and products using a minimal online store. 

Amazon Brand Store is available for FREE and is a very easy DIY solution to a more impactful brand presence.  

Example of an Amazon Brand Store Homepage

Let’s dive deeper into what are the various benefits of this feature, and some helpful tips to create your perfect store. 

Benefits of Amazon Brand Store  
  1. Gives your brand more authenticity: A Brand Store can go a long way in giving more credibility and authenticity to your brand. The shoppers will see our brand as genuine rather than some reseller selling dupe products.

  2. Helps you promote new products to your existing audience: The brand store also acts as a launchpad for your new products and helps them become discoverable to your existing audience. Brand store is shareable on social media so your existing followers will instantly get to know about new products. This also enables you to drive traffic from external sources.

  3. Provides an extraordinary mobile shopping experience: The UI of the Brand Store on mobile devices gives a boost to your brand and helps shoppers in getting a good experience. The responsive design helps to make your products look good on any device.

  4. Boosts organic rankings on Amazon SERP: Brands that own a Brand Store are more likely to show up in search results than those who do not own one. This is extremely important, especially for new brands that aim to outperform competitors.

  5. Showcases multiple products on the same page: Brand Store gives you an opportunity to showcase multiple products on a single page. This helps immensely in cross-selling and also gives shoppers a seamless one-shop experience. 


Stores with 3+ pages have 83% higher shopper dwell time and 32% higher attributed sales per visitor”

How to get started with Amazon Brand Store: 

Amazon has given very clear guidelines for creating a brand store and the various specifications for images, videos, etc. 

Access Amazon Store Ad Policies here. You can also check Amazon’s Creative Specifications Guide here. 


Tips to create your perfect store: 
  1. Brand Store Home Page:  

    The home page of your brand store is the perfect place to reflect the brand identity, create brand awareness, showcase the full portfolio, announce new products, and advertise your best-sellers. Amazon’s modules provide a wide variety of options for brands to accurately convey their identity and story, using images, text, comparison tables, and videos to create the perfect reflection of their brand identity. 

    An ideal homepage has these 5 elements: 

    • Header/ hero image 
    • USP 
    • Category tiles 
    • Product tiles and grid Videos and Shoppable images 
  2. Perfect Navigation and Consumer Journey:
    Building the store pages is a key point to introducing the full portfolio and getting the consumer to know all the seller’s categories and products. The top navigation should be structured in an easy and clear way that creates the perfect consumer journey towards easy browsing and helps push the sales. Adding pages like best-sellers, recommended products, and feature deals are recommended. 

    Easy navigation structure
    Bestseller Section
    Recommendation Section

  3. Text and proofreading:
    Making sure all texts are error-free, including misspellings and off-brand imagery will likely boost consumer confidence in the brand. Including text with the correct tone and being consistent with the brand identity, and avoiding any misspellings, will only increase the trust of the consumer in the brand. 

  4. Mobile-Friendly:
    Consumers nowadays, shop on a variety of devices. Making sure your brand store, including text and imagery, is optimized across desktop and mobile will create consistency and a fully functional experience for your consumer. 



Amazon is giving sellers a proper virtual shop space to encourage brand-owning sellers to centralize their products in one place, bypass the 3rd parties and minimize the risk of counterfeits. It is an extremely valuable asset for brands and can be used wonderfully in conjunction with other Amazon marketing strategies such as Sponsored Brand Ads, Sponsored Brand Videos, Amazon Posts, Social Media Advertising, and Influencer Marketing. 

If you need help in creating your brand store or a data-driven Amazon marketing strategy, our team is always there to help. 

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