Authored by Naina Bajaj, Customer Success Manager at PiWheel.

Selling on Amazon is getting more competitive than ever. Brands are either overspending or underspending in media. Due to a lack of data points, they are clueless about what is happening in their category on Amazon. To top it all, there are constant changes in Amazon’s algorithm that the brands need to be aware of in order to win.

To overcome these difficulties, outsourcing comes into play to perform tasks and analysis for their business to help them with the way forward.

What is outsourcing: It is the business practice of hiring a third party outside a company to perform services traditionally performed in-house by the company itself. 

Outsourcing plays an important role in the success of businesses on Amazon. The consultancy has the highest level of eCommerce expertise to scale and convert more customers with improved content, advertising, and operations. 

Here are some of the key benefits of outsourcing Amazon services:

  1. Cutting-edge solutions for complex problems

    Amazon as an online marketplace and its various advertising options are evolving year after year. It becomes important for a seller to stay updated with the latest options provided by the platform. One must be aware of the categories, and products doing well in the online industry to procure, or how to improve visibility by improving content or advertising of their current products listed on Amazon. Amazon experts with their deep knowledge and advanced tools will leverage these features to solve complex problems as they have intensive expertise related to Amazon services

    For eg. PiWheel has helped eCommerce brands grow their market share by 2X by recommending competitive products to launch at competitive pricing and helped with high-volume keywords to be used in their title and descriptions. 

  2. Cost Efficient

    Sellers can cut on their operational costs by outsourcing various valuable Amazon servicesto any of the one outsourcing partners. 

  3. Focus on core tasks
    By outsourcing Amazon services to an expert possessing in-depth experience in Amazon Campaign management, product sourcing, etc. Sellers can spend time focusing on the core aspects of their business.

  4. Boost Sales & Conversion

    By improving content
    , running campaigns, optimizing inventory, and data analysis, sellers can significantly improve their sales and market share.
    Data analytics majorly helps in improving the business and increasing sellers’ revenue. Third-party vendors are able to better understand the market trends and customers’ buying behaviors and help them cater to what the customers really want. 

  5. Time-saving

    searching for the right product, improving content, adding A+ content, creating campaigns, etc involves a great deal of time, hiring an offshore partner can reduce the time spent on optimization significantly.

  6. Access to in-depth data and insights: Specialised analytical tools

    How many
    competitors are dealing in your category with what assortment? What keywords are trending in the category? How generically do campaigns perform? Are you able to evaluate your competitors and gain insights to stay on track?


Amazon is the largest marketplace for a reason! The above-mentioned benefits of outsourcing Amazon services can help you decide on the most crucial decision. The right set of products at the right pricing and titles and bullet points infused with a high volume of keywords can lead to an increase in the visibility of your products and sellers can drive breakthrough sales for your online business. 

Outsource a third-party vendor to analyze the data and derive recommendations accordingly. They have a decent knowledge of running the data insights and have specialized tools that automatically generate impactful reports for use. 

Happy selling!

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