Authored by Bhavisha Kantaria, eCommerce Designer at PiWheel.

For an eCommerce business, product photography is an extremely crucial aspect since customers cannot physically see or feel your products. So product Photography on eCommerce gives them the real image of the product they will be receiving. 

Professional product photography not only represents the quality of your products but also your brand image and dictates customer engagement.

65% of the population are visual learners and 90% of online buyers agree that photo quality is the most important factor in an online sale. 

 This article highlights the various ways in which you can perform and optimize product photography for your eCommerce business. Enjoy!

How to optimize Product Photography & must-haves: 

  1. Using the Correct Equipment: 
    From a quality camera, lens, and backdrop to lighting, it is essential to use the correct, professional equipment for powerful images that are high quality and showcase the correct color, texture, and essence of the product. This also helps the customer to zoom in and inspect minute details.

  2. Capturing Multiple Angles and Views: 
    The primary image of the product should have a clear front view of the product label/packaging, enabling readability. It is also vital to capture the different views/angles of the product so they can be used for secondary images and the customer can read the information on all sides of the product and also see the inside of the product to inspect its texture, color, etc. 


    Example of multiple angle shots by the smartwatch brand, Fitbit

    Option of 360-degree product view by Fitbit

  3. Lifestyle product photography: 
    Lifestyle product photography is one form of product photography that shows your product in context, as part of a lifestyle, preferably with a model holding the product or using it. This helps the customer visualize a lifestyle using your product and understand its size and usage, as this is where you show your products in action. 
    Here is an example 
    Example of lifestyle product photography by the Indian water bottle brand, Cello

  4. Group Shots: 
    Group photography displays the range and variety of your products giving the customer a complete view of your offerings. This familiarizes the customer with your brand and makes them open to trying more products from the range. 

    An example of a group shot by Maybelline’s lipstick product range, displaying different colors of the product and giving various options to the customer.

  5. Scale Shots: 
    Not being able to gauge the size of a product is a common issue. Thus, scale shots help shoppers understand the realistic size of the product they are ordering so their expectations are realistic and this increases your customers’ confidence when purchasing online. 

    Example of a scale shot by the Indian watch brand, Timex

  6. Creating Shadows: 
    Adding shadows to the products helps customers visualize the product in reality and understand the perspective. 

    Example of adding shadows to a simple packet of chocolates by Hershey’s

  7. Set a high standard of product quality: 
    A high standard of product photography pays attention to details, promotes unique selling points, and differentiates your brand from competitors. 


How optimized photography affects conversion: 

For many brands, quality photography is one of the most important factors that define the success of the product on eCommerce websites.

Good product photography increases conversion rate by 30% and it is 40% more likely to be shared from social media accounts, thus increasing brand exposure. 

Statistics say visual appearance is a key deciding factor in purchasing decisions. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an exceptional product image is worth a thousand website visitors. Product photography is the most important tool to achieve a long-term relationship with your customers.  


22% of products sold online are returned because they look different than the photos.

Thus proving, high-quality product photography on your website, eCommerce site, or social media increases the chances of higher sales. 70% of companies invest in content marketing which includes product photography. The most important aspect of product photography is capturing a good hero image of your product. Suppose you are not able to do a professional shoot of your products. In that case, you can also use the 3D simulation of your packaging for the primary images and place it in different atmospheres for lifestyle images. 

However, investing in product photography could be one of the best decisions for your eCommerce business. Not only will you see the conversion rate improve, but you can also improve your marketing campaigns. 

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