Authored by Eliane Chamaa, eCommerce Design Lead at PiWheel

With Amazon holding an enormous share in the eCommerce market nowadays, each and every seller is asking one question: How to compete against millions of other sellers, therefore showing up in consumer searches and increasing conversion rate. 

In order to sell on Amazon, we need to cover several factors in the Amazon A9 algorithm, which is the ranking system influencing product placement and product search. 

Written content is the main factor in that algorithm which can mean exponential growth for your business when optimized. 

Written Content on Amazon consists of 3 elements: Title, Featured bullet points, and Product Description.

They should be used to describe and explain the benefits and key selling points of your product and provide as much information and details as possible for the consumer. 

Here are some points to follow when aiming for the best-written content for your product: 


When writing about your product, you should always assume that the consumer is not familiar with what your product is. Creating a story and a logical consumer journey using your bullet points will provide any customer with the information needed to make the purchase. Always start by introducing the product, how this product can be used, and finally state the key selling points and benefits. 


Keywords are what people use to search for any product. Therefore, it is extremely important to detect the highest-ranking keywords for your product category and make sure to include them and repeat them as much as possible in both the title and bullet points for better conversion. 

Detect the highest-ranking keywords using PiWheel’s keyword tool and include them in both the title and bullet points.


Amazon grants you a limited number of characters and words to be used when creating your content. With up to 200 characters for the title, you need to include as many keywords as possible, including the product name, brand name, size or color, and key selling points. As for the bullets, it is recommended to use 5 bullet points with up to 255 characters each, which will allow you to feature the 5 top key selling points and provide needful information. Capitalizing the title of each bullet point is recommended so it will be easy for the consumer to read the information and benefits more clearer and faster. 


Since you are limited in characters and bullet points count, you should choose wisely the benefits and selling points to include in your written content, excluding any information that will have more impact if visualized through images and A+ modules. 


When writing, it is easy to make mistakes. It is important to proofread any text before uploading it on Amazon to eliminate mistakes in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and formatting. Written content with errors can break the trust between the consumer and the brand. 


Writing good content is a challenge. By knowing your audience and writing the correct content following Amazon guidelines and the tips provided, your product will be one step closer to appearing in your consumer search, therefore increasing conversion rate and sales. 

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