Authored by Rahul Parab, Customer Success Manager at PiWheel.

Ever wondered what it takes to make a successful product launch in the world’s most competitive marketplace? Yes, I am talking about Amazon which has over 2 million sellers fighting it out to be the best. It’s definitely more than just converting the initial few shoppers, you have to be on top of your product research, content optimization, budgeting & even building your equity through valuable customer reviews. 

To ensure a successful product launch, you need to ensure you follow the exhaustive checklist as to what are the things you have to consider in all the 3 stages of product launch: pre-launch, during the launch, and post-launch.  

In this article, I’ll talk about some cutting-edge strategies & winning tactics you can deploy to get that new launch rolling on Amazon right from week 1 & build a strong brand in the marketplace. 

  1. Winning on Amazon’s algorithm

    For starters, Amazon does not intend to become a search engine. Amazon’s A10 algorithm provides assistance to shoppers in finding the product they are looking for, by providing the results based purely on: 

    • Sales Velocity 
    • Click-through-rate (CTR) 
    • Conversion (CR) 

    It determines whether the product listing appears at the top of the search results or at the bottom by taking into account these 3 factors. Slow initial sales for the product can be attributed to the number of instances the products are featured at the top of search results, which in turn leads to fewer clicks and fewer conversions. Hence it is crucial for a seller to ensure the products being sold are complimenting the Amazon algorithm at first. 

  2. Offer enticing prices and promos 

    To entice potential customers, the fundamental strategy to persuade them to buy and increase early demand is by leveraging promotions & discounts via some of the following means: 

    • DiscountsHelps drive organic traffic to the products 
    • GiveawaysCreates leads and gets shoppers to check out your product 
    • Coupons – Builds excitement around the product offering deals & prizes through coupons 


  3. Optimize your product content

    It is equally important to conduct keyword research and use the top-performing and also relevant keywords in the product’s written as well as visual content. It is the key to improving organic search ranking for the product. 

    • Product titles: A product title infused with the top searched keyword relevant to the product informs the shopper as to what the item is about. If relevant keywords are included, it will also be easier to find the product. 
    • Product Images: Appealing visuals including the hero image of the product as well as the secondary images depicting the product in high resolution, has a different impact on shopper.  
    • Product Description: Accurate product descriptions are necessary for customers to comprehend the features of the product. Consumers will prefer reading about the features & benefits of the product Instead of complex technical jargon, which might deter them from buying the product. 


  4. Leveraging promotional tools

    Brands can utilize some of the following tools to spread the word about the products as well as attract as much external traffic as possible. 

    Amazon PPC campaigns 

    Facebook ads 

    Influencer marketing 

  5. Amazon prime badge

Finally, in order to secure a firm stronghold for your product launch, getting Amazon Prime Badge is a must-have and is an essential part of any successful product launch strategy. Not only are the prime-eligible products prioritized in search listings, but it also enables sellers on the platform to effectively sell their product listings ensuring sales velocity. 

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